Why is a PDR important?

Trained technicians use the PDR technique to remove small dents and dings from vehicle bodies with ease, as it helps avoid repainting the affected parts. It allows vehicle owners to elude expensive repairs such as replacing vehicle panels or even repainting the whole vehicle to match the repaired part.

What is PDR used for?

PDR approaches damaged parts of the surface from the inside, which seems more complex than it actually is. This method of repair may be used on steel and aluminum panels. The most common use for PDR is the repair of large dents, hail damage, minor creases, bodyline damage, and door dings.

Body Shop Owners: Time = Money.

We aim to help you make your repairs more efficient and less time consuming. Customer also love the fact that the preserve resale value when using the PDR method. It means less repainting and often far less time waiting for the vehicle to be returned to them. Even in cases where you cannot avoid painting, it often means you can avoid using body fillers and painting becomes far simpler and less work to complete.

The end result is the job is done faster, and we all know time = money. That is just good business. Let us know how we can help you with any vehicle you’re currently repairing

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